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What's Ayurveda Medicine

Ayurveda is the original naturopathic medicine that comes from India and has been practiticed for over 5000 years. It recognizes the body expresses the same patterns and principles of nature. An imbalance is an excess or depletion of your unique combination of the elemental principles. Ayurveda also recognizes a detailed science of the subtle energy systems that underlines and governs the the physical systems and organs. It is likely the most effective medicine in the world because of it's incredible ability to guide the body back into balance through nature.

Shamanic Medicinal Science

Shamanic Medicine is the original medicine based on the principles of nature in conjunction with your spiritual health. It recognizes our internal landscape of mind, emotions and energies play a significant role in our overall health. Shamanic healing is a sciene of addressing these internal aspects in conjunction with physical treatment, herbs, ritual, food and rites of passage.

Chivito's Background

Chivito apprenticed directly with the shaman’s of India and with Ayurveda Doctors. He’s a certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapists and been initiated by his teachers in shamanic healing. He's been practicing and teaching for 14+ years.